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Cross Petroleum Service has developed the highest quality lines of products available .

Cross Petroleum Service has been servicing the commercial, industrial, and energy fields for over 30 years. As equipment and machinery advances Cross Petroleum Service continues to improve methods, products, serviceability, and needs of the industry. We strive to make your equipment work better for you.

Cross Petroleum Service is committed to providing our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. As well as lubricants, we offer fuel, propane, and additives that help maintain and extend the life and efficiency of your machinery.

We recognize that the work we do is a process that can always be improved. The industry is constantly changing, Cross Petroleum Service aims to stay ahead of the game and look to the future. We emphasize our company standards on customer relations and service. If we don’t have something you need we will do our very best to find something that is of the same or better quality.

The people of Cross Petroleum Service are dedicated to providing the highest quality petroleum products and related services to our customers.   We will strive to provide distinctive products and services benefits above competitive levels while maintaining competitive processes We will strive to develop and satisfied customer at the end of every transaction. We will strive to under our customer’s business, speak his or her language and learn about his or her need, goals and objective. We will seek long term customer and supplier relationships based on mutually agreed to requirement and characterized by trust and understanding. We will complete dedication to safety in work place, responsible protection of the environment, and adherence to the highest ethical standard
The people of Cross Petroleum Services will be an industry leader in Health, Safety and Environmental Performance. We will maintain our commitment to total customer satisfaction and our image in the marketplace as a “Proffered Supplier of Quality Lubricants, Fuels and related services”. We will supply superior products, services, and technology that competitively meet customer requirements every time. We will provide equal opportunity that attracts and retains a highly skilled and motivated work force. We will continue to provide World Class Products and Services by building on our strengths and petroleum technology. We will continue developing supplier relationships for goods and services such that we become the Preferred Customer to our Suppliers.
Management, Leadership and Commitment
  • Quality start at the top. Cross Petroleum Services’ products and services can be no better than the quality of direction and leadership provide.
Quality Steering Team
  • Cross Petroleum Services’ team provides a structure to guide our continuous Quality Improvement Process
  • Cross Petroleum Services’ recognizes that next to our customers, our employees are our most valuable assets. We are committed to providing our Employee with the knowledge and skills required to be the best industry.
  • All work is a process. The effectiveness of our work determines our ability to meet the needs of our people that serve them.
Measurement and Evaluation
  • To realize our vision of being recognized by our customers and suppliers as the best Petroleum Jobber ship in the industry, we must be able to measure and evaluated our work processes. Only by measuring both the expectations and specific work process can we meet our customer’s requirements the first time, every time.
Cost of Quality
  • By calculating and tracking the real cost of quality in the profitable manner. By reducing our cost quality, we will improve our bottom line and be able to continue meeting the need of our customer and our people who serve them.
Problem Solving and Corrective Action
  • Problems turn into solutions when people use appropriate problem solving tool. We are committed to finding improvement opportunities and turning them into bottom line gains for our customers and Cross Petroleum Service.
Supplier Relations
  • We recognize that our suppliers, when made an integral part of our quality process, can expand Cross Petroleum Service’s capabilities to foster the innovation, creativity and resource fullness needed to be the best.
Customer Satisfaction
  • The Customer is King!
  • Good Enough is no longer Good Enough!
  • We can be assured of our customer’s satisfaction by –
    1. Determining what our customer wants
    2. Acting on what our customer tell us and
    3. Doing it quicker faster and better than

Cross Petroleum Service is pleased to provide a large array of products to our Agriculture customers. When bulk gasoline, diesel fuel, or propane is required, you can count on Cross Petroleum Service handling all of your fuel and service needs.

Propane Our trained personnel can install, service and provide propane and related equipment. 
Bulk Fuels With our trucks and drivers, we supply gasoline and diesel fuels to a large region. Contact Us for special bulk tanker truck loads of fuel for a season supply.
Lubricants We handle all kinds of lubricants to fit particular equipment needs; in small containers, 55 gallon drums, or bulk. Depending on volume, we can supply a complete bulk lubricant for your service shop.
Related Products
& Services
Contact Us on fuel tanks, nozzles, hoses, fuel pumps and fuel filters. Check on installation and assistance with any of our locations.


Industries require special products and skilled service. The ability to fill our customers’ needs in times of quiet or crisis helps make Cross Petroleum Service a special kind of operation. Our skill in anticipating and serving customer needs, has helped us build long-term partnerships with our industrial customers. Contact Us for more information on unique products required for your particular equipment.

Products and Services for Commercial businesses, manufacturing and construction companies are an important part of Cross Petroleum Service. We welcome those who seek unique products or service. We seek long-term customer and supplier relationships based on mutually agreed requirements and characterized by trust and understanding.

Cross Petroleum Service provides important attention to our Residential customers. Heating fuels and propane are only part of the products and services. Marine products for recreational needs are included in our inventory. The extension of service creates an efficient use of our equipment, a smoother distribution system and a viable inventory.




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