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"The" Standard™
Sunoco’s all-purpose leaded racing fuel with a winning heritage, Sunoco Standard provide quality performance and consistency for ease of tuning. It is diesel for virtually all forms of motor sports, including circle track, drag, motorcycle, road racing, off-shore powerboat and off-road. It also features a broad range additive package for protection from oxidation, corrosion and deposit formation. Sunoco Standard is designed for competition engine with compression ratio up to 13:1.
A true high performance leaded racing fuel designed for sophisticated race engine which routinely function between 7,000-10,000 rpm. Sunoco Supreme is recommended for two and four stroke application up to 15:1 compression ratio.
MO2X is based blended to meet the need of small displacement, high rpm and high compression engine. Can be utilize with compression ratio up to 15:1. Ideal for motor cycle, snow mobile and mini cup cars. MO2X is formulated give to improved throttle response and protection against detonation at high load and high rpm.MO2X is a leaded fuel for off-road use only.
HCR Plus™
An ultra high performance leaded racing fuel designed for racing engine with high compression ratio. HCR Plus is ideally suited for application in sustained high load/high rpm condition. This fuel contains no oxygenates and is very resistant to vapor lock. Sunoco HCR Plus is recommended for four-stroke engines with compression ratio exceeded 14:1.
A leaded racing fuel for exceptionally high performance two- and four-stroke applications generating high cylinder pressures. Sunoco Maximal will help protect engines w/static compression ratio up to 17:1. It has a very narrow distillation curve and a low final boiling point to help improve thermal combustion efficiency at high engine speed. Sunoco Maximal distinctive fast burn characteristics provide more complete combustion than slower burning fuels in applications which operate in excess of 10,000 rpm.
Sunoco© 260 GT™
Sunoco 260 GT is a street legal, unleaded gasoline designed for high performance street cars, muscle cars, classics, street rods, motorcycle, karts and marine applications. With a100 octane rating. Sunoco 260 GT will allow significantly increased boost levels in supercharged or turbocharged applications. Sunoco 260 GT contains no metallic compounds to harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. It contains a comprehensive additive package for greater engine protection and reduced fuel system deposits. Sunoco 260 GT is also compatible with virtually all two stroke synthetic and mineral based motor oils.
Sunoco© 260 GTX™
Sunoco 260 GTX is designed for applications that need more detonation protection than street gas provide, yet cannot use tetraethyl lead(TEL). It has been shown to produce good repeatable Power level in engine up to 12:1 compression ratio and will tolerate more compression in engines with modern, efficient combustion chambers 260 GTX does not contain lead or MMT. It is does not harm sensors used in fuel injection systems. It is also an excellent choice where oxygenates such as ethanol are limited or banned by the engine manufacturer or sanctioning organization.
Sunoco© 260 GT Plus™
One of the highest octane unleaded racing gasoline’s available. Sunoco 260 GT Plus is specifically formulated for the professional racer and should not be used on street. It is highly oxygenated to help produce maximum performance in classes which allow high dielectric fuels and is an excellent choice for modern computer-controlled applications which cannot otherwise tolerate tetraethyl lead (TEL). Sunoco 260 GT plus unleaded is recommended for compression ratio applications up to 12:1.
 The Standard Super
Mo2XHCR Plus Maxi
 Sunoco 260 GT Sunoco 260 GTX Sunoco 260 GT Plus
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