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Aviation Lubricants Description
AEROSHELL Fluid 4 A mineral hydraulic oil with low temperature characteristics that is capable of operating over a wide range of temperatures. This fluid is oxidation inhibited, and it contains a special antiwear additive. AEROSHELL Fluid 4 is dyed red for identification and leak detection purposes. It can be used in both aviation and non-aviation systems with synthetic rubber components
AEROSHELL Oils  AEROSHELL Oils are straight mineral oils blended from selected high viscosity index base stocks. These oils are used during break-in of most 4-stroke cycle certified aviation piston engines. Aeroshell oils are approved for all 4-stroke cycle certified aircraft piston engines when use of an ashless dispersant (AD) oil is not required.
AEROSHELL Oil W Single Grade Oils These Single Grade Oils are premium ashless dispersant lubricating oils for 4-stroke cycle certified aircraft piston engines. They have been proven in billions of engine hours around the world, including service in fuel-injected and turbocharged engines. They promote engine cleanliness, help keep engines sludge free, help reduce oil consumption, help engines reach TBO, protect highly stressed engine scuffing and wear.
Anti-corrosion Antiwear AEROSHELL Oil W 15W-50 Multigrade  This is an advanced formula semi-synthetic, ashless, highly despersant multigrade oil for 4-stroke cycle certified aircraft piston engines that offers an exceptionally broad viscosity grade range. This premium quality oil contains over 50% synthetic base stocks to insure excellent low temperature flow to speed cold starts while lubricating and protecting critical engine parts during warm up; yet, at high temperatures, it offers engine protection that is superior to a Grade 100 (SAE 50 oil).
AeroShell Grease 5 Wheel Bearing and Engine Accessory Grease
Microgel thickened, mineral oil base Combines high load-carrying ability with excellent resistance to water and high temperatures. It inhibited against corrosion and oxidation, and has a useful temperature range of -23°C to + 177°C. Used primarily in aircraft wheel bearings and engine accessories operating at high speeds and relatively high temperatures.
AeroShell Grease 6 General Purpose Airframe Grease
Microgel thickened, mineral oil base  Inhibited against corrosion and oxidation, it features outstanding low temperature torque properties and resistance to water. Useful temperature range of -40°C to +121°C. Used primarily in plain and anti-friction bearings on general aviation aircraft.
AeroShell Grease 7 Advanced Multipurpose Airframe Grease
Microgel thickened, synthetic diester oil base Corrosion inhibited and fortified to resist oxidation, it combines excellent load-carrying capacity with a useful temperature range of -73°C to + 149°C. Recommended for highly loaded gears and actuator screw mechanisms, as well as for instrument and general airframe lubrication.
AeroShell Grease 14 Leading Multipurpose Helicopter Grease
Calcium soap thickened, mineral oil base  Inhibited against corrosion and oxidation, it is compounded with special anti-rust additives, and gives outstanding protection against fretting and moisture corrosion. Useful temperature range is -54°C to +93°C. Approved by all leading helicopter manufacturers. Recommended for most helicopter main and tail rotor bearings; widely used as a general purpose helicopter grease
AeroShell Grease 22 Versatile Multipurpose Grease
Microgel thickened, synthetic hydrocarbon oil base  Corrosion inhibited and fortified against oxidation, it has excellent anti-wear properties, load-carrying capacity and water resistance, plus a wide useful temperature range of -65°C to +240°C. Recommended for aircraft wheel bearings, engine accessories and airframe lubrication, and for anti-friction bearings operating at high speeds and at high or low temperatures.
AeroShell Grease 33 Universal Airframe Grease
Lithium complex thickened, synthetic hydrocarbon/ester oil base Developed with the purpose of satisfying almost all airframe lubrication requirements with a single grease. Its enhanced corrosion resistance and load-carrying capacity reduces wear and tear and can lead to extension of re-greasing intervals and reduction in maintenance costs. Replacing several greases with a single grease avoids the risk of misapplication and also reduces stock inventory, again providing cost savings. Useful temperature range is -73°C to +121°C.
AeroShell Grease 33MS An Extreme pressure (EP) Grease
  AeroShell Grease 33MS is an extreme pressure (EP) grease based on the proven lithium complex technology of AeroShell Grease 33, and is fortified with 5% Molybdenum Disulphide. The benefits of Grease 33MS include: Improved anti-wear and corrosion resistance over AeroShell Grease 17; It is fully compatible with AeroShell Grease 33, so reduces the risks and problems associated with misapplication; Load carrying and EP properties equal to that of the well established AeroShell Grease 17; Fully approved to MIL-G-21164D. It possesses enhanced anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties and is particularly suitable for lubricating heavily loaded sliding steel surfaces, such as, for example, bogie pivot pins on aircraft landing gear-assemblies. AeroShell Grease 33MS is a direct alternative to AeroShell Grease 17, but when changing from (clay-based) ASG 17 to (Li-complex based) ASG 33MS, the normal rules on grease changing should be applied.

 If you have other questions, you can check out Aeroshell's website,

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