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Cross Petroleum Service
P.O. Box 1388
56 Hwy 16
Glendive, Montana 59330
(fx) 406-377-6315
P.O. Box 1078
1818 Minnesota Ave
Billings, MT 59103
(fx) 406-252-2163
P.O. Box 727
901 3rd NE
Sidney, MT 59270
(fx) 406-433-5928
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MAXTRON DEOEngine OilHeavy-Duty Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil
Superlube TMSEngine OilExtended-Life Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil
Superlube 518Engine OilPremium Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil
MAXTRONEngine OilFull Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil
NGEO 2500 Mid-AshEngine OilPremium Mid-Ash Oil for Natural Gas Engine, Biogas & Landfill
Auto GoldEngine OilFull Synthetic Blend Gasoline Engine Oil
Auto Gold High Milage OilEngine OilAll-Season Gasoline Engine Oil
MAXTRON IREngine OilSynthetic Blend Irrigation Engine Oil
NGEO 2000 Low AshEngine OilLow Ash Engine Oil
NGEO 3000 No AshEngine OilNo Ash Engine Oil
Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil Application GuideEngine OilEngine Oil Guide
IrriflexEngine OilEngine Oil
Railroad Engine Oil OBSOLETEEngine OilZinc-Free Engine Oil
Railroad Diesel Engine Oil – 9 TBNEngine OilZinc-Free Engine Oil
MAXTRON THF+Tractor FluidSynthetic-Blend Tractor Hydraulic Fluid—All Season
Qwiklift HTBTractor FluidPremium Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
BIOMAXTractor FluidVegetable Oil-Blend Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
Circle ThreeTractor FluidSTOU Engine and Transmission Fluid
MAXTRON EPGreaseSynthetic High-Temperature Grease with Moly
Blue Gard 500+GreasePremium High-Temperature Grease
Molyplex 500+GreaseHigh-Temperature Moly Grease
ML 365GreaseMulti-Purpose Lithium Grease
HD Moly XtremeGreaseExtreme Duty Grease
Corn Head GreaseGreaseSemi-Fluid Gear Box Grease
Food Machinery GreaseGreaseUSDA H-1 Grease
Aluben EP MolyGreaseAluminum Complex Grease
Cotton Picker Spindle GreaseGreaseCotton Picker Spindle Grease
IndolHydraulic OilPremium Antiwear Hydraulic Oil / Turbine Oil
MAXTRON MTTransmission FluidSynthetic Transmission Fluid
Auto Gold ATF DexronIII/Mercon OBSOLETETransmission FluidAutomatic Transmission Fluid - **Discontinued Product**
Auto Gold ATF DMTransmission FluidAutomatic Transmission Fluid
Power Trans FluidTransmission FluidTO-4 / C-4 Fluid
Type F ATFTransmission FluidType F Transmission Fluid
Auto Gold Multi-Vehicle ATFTransmission FluidSynthetic Blend Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid
Maxtron All-Syn HD ATF Transmission FluidType F Transmission Fluid
Power Steering FluidPower Steering FluidPower Steering Fluid
MAXTRON SHCGear OilSynthetic Gear Lubricant
MAXTRON GLGear OilSynthetic Gear Lubricant
MP Gear LubeGear OilExtreme Pressure Gear Lubricant
AGMA / EPGear OilIndustrial Gear and Rock Drill Oil
Premium Ashless Synthetic BlendTwo-Cycle Engine OilTwo-Cycle Snowmobile Oil
SnowMax OBSOLETETwo-Cycle Engine OilTwo-Cycle Snowmobile Oil
SnowMax PVTwo-Cycle Engine OilFull Synthetic Two-Cycle Lubricant - Power Valve Performance
Two-Cycle Engine OilTwo-Cycle Engine OilTwo-Cycle Small Engine Oil
Marine Xtreme OBSOLETERecreational Engine OilWatercraft Engine Oil
ATV XtremeRecreational Engine OilATV Engine Oil
Chain Bar OilIndustrial LubricantChain Bar Oil
Concrete Form OilIndustrial LubricantConcrete Form Oil
Concrete Form Oil WS Low OdorIndustrial LubricantConcrete Form Oil
Drip OilIndustrial LubricantIrrigation Drip Oil
EconexIndustrial LubricantNon-Detergent Lubricant
Hydrostatic Fluid ISO 46 MVHydraulic OilsPremium Anti-Wear Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid
Food-Grade Hydraulic OilIndustrial LubricantUSDA H-1 Hydraulic Oil
Grain Dust OilIndustrial LubricantFood-Grade Dust Suppressant
Heat Transfer OilIndustrial LubricantHeat Transfer Oil
Turbine Oil XLIndustrial LubricantPremium turbine oil
Vacuum Pump OilIndustrial LubricantVacuum Pump Oil
WaylubeIndustrial LubricantExtreme Pressure Product for Lubricating Machine Tool Ways
White PackerIndustrial LubricantUSDA Tech Grade White Oil
Di-Zolv-ItMiscellaneousFuel Stabilizer
LP Gas MethanolMiscellaneousAnhydrous Methanol
Stoddard SolventMiscellaneousMineral Spirits Solvent—Low Odor
BioMax Concrete Form OilMiscellaneousEnvironmentally friendly
BioMax BPLMiscellaneousBiodegradable penetrating lubricant

If you have further questions on the specification of the CENEX products, check out their website.


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