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Heavy Duty Engine Oils Description
Shell ROTELLA SB Multigrade Oils These oils are recommended for all types of service in truck and automotive four-stroke diesel engines calling for any of the API Service Categories listed. They can also be used in gasoline engines calling for API SH grade motor oils. They are especially suited for use in turbocharged engines where high operating temperatures are encountered. The 10W-40 grade is particularly recommended for use in cold winter climates in engines where the manufacturer recommends a 10W- oil for winter startability and critical oil pumpability at low temperatures but prefers an oil with 40 weight performance once the engine is warmed up.

Shell ROTELLA T Multigrade Oils

(Triple, T3, T6)

 The CJ4 15W-40 is Shell's premium quality, heavy-duty multigrade oil for all-season use in diesel powered or a mix of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles and equipment. This same premium multigrade oil is available in an SAE 10W-30 grade to provide even better low temperature performance in colder climates and fuel economy benefits when compared to an SAE 15W-40 grade, and to satisfy the demands of engine builders who recommend lower viscosity grades.
Shell ROTELLA T Single Grade Oils Shell ROTELLA T single grade oils have been performance proven in diesel and mixed diesel/gasoline on-highway truck fleets for over 3 billion miles. These engine oils satisfy a wide range of heavy-duty diesel manufacturers' specifications of Detroit Diesel to the high detergency requirements of Caterpillar. These oils help keep engines clean, fight wear of vital, closely fitting engine parts, and resist corrosion from acidic combustion products.
Passenger Car Motor Oils Description
FormulaShell Motor Oils FormulaShell Motor Oils are energy conserving oils, offered in six viscosity grades. These motor oils flow at low temperatures for cold weather starts & protect engines against wear during both cranking and high temperature operation. They contain additives that suspend contaminants and help keep engines clean. They provide friction-reducing properties that work to increase gasoline mileage.
Automotive Gear Lubricants Description

Shell Spirax S6 GME 50 Gear Oil

(formerly GSX)

 This is a specially formulated, SAE 50, synthetic lubricant that was developed for heavy duty manual transmissions operating under severe conditions or requiring extended oil drain intervals. It gives excellent low temperature performance and high temperature stability for long service life. It is approved by Eaton for use in conjunction with Eaton Roadranger extended warranties.
Shell SPIRAX Heavy Duty Gear Oil These Gear Oils are extreme-pressure, multigrade, multipurpose gear lubricants for automotive differentials and manual transmissions. They contain a sulfur-phosphorus additive system for excellent load carrying capacity. They minimize wear and protect against scuffing, protect against rust, corrosion and foaming. The 80W-90 grade is Shell's primary recommendation for passenger cars and light trucks. The 85W-140 grade is Shell's primary recommendation for both on- and off-highway fleets, and is especially suitable for heavy duty equipment or mixed fleets used in industrial and commercial applications.

Shell SPIRAX S6 AXRME Gear Oils

(Formerly ASX  & ASXR )Gear Oils

 These Gear Oils are heavy duty, synthetic lubricants that are formulated to meet the severe demands imposed by cold weather and high operating temperatures. They excel in low temperature performance, high temperature stability, water separation, and resistance to viscosity loss by shearing.
Automotive Transmission & Torque Converter Fluids Description

Shell Spirax S4 TXM T Transmission Fluids

(Formerly Donax TD 10w30)

 These Transmission Fluids are premium oils for automotive transmissions and hydraulic systems. These products are designed to provide proper frictional characteristics, high thermal and oxidation stability, ample protection against rusting, protection against wear, high dispersancy, excellent anti-foam properties, correct viscosity at operating temperatures, and good seal compatibility.
Greases Description

Shell Gadus S2 V220 Greases

(Formerly ALVANIA EP)

 These greases contain a combination of extreme pressure and other additives to give increased load carrying properties. They have excellent salt water protection and anti-rust properties. They are recommended for both on- and off-highway equipment, construction equipment and industrial applications that require extreme pressure protection in heavy or shock loading conditions.

ShellGadus S2 U1000 Grease

(Formerly DARINA EP)

 These greases are premium quality, multipurpose, extreme pressure, non-soap greases that can be used in industrial plant applications over a wider temperature range than most industrial soap based greases. They stay on the job without excessive thickening or thinning. They resist oxidation for long life, withstand the effects of water, fight corrosion of bearing surfaces, have outstanding load carrying ability, and offer ample thermal and mechanical stability.


(Formerly RETINAX WR)

 The selected additives in these greases gives them excellent EP / load carrying ability, oxidation stability, rust protection and metal surface adherence. These greases are recommended for industrial, mining and construction applications where high mechanical stability and outstanding water washout properties are needed. Shell Retinax HD 2 Grease is USDA H-2 approved for use in meat and poultry plants where there is no chance of contact with the edible product.

Shell GADUS S3 V460D Greases

(Formerly RETINAX Lx)

 This grease is formulated for the severe requirements of heavy duty truck service. RETINAX LC, dyed red for easy identification, is suitable for lubrication of wheel bearings, chassis, king pins, universal joints and fifth wheels. It provides excellent oxidation stability for long life.
Gas Engine Oils Description
Shell MYSELLA Oils These oils are ash free, dispersant crankcase oils for use in engines fueled by natural gas. Being ashless, they do not contribute to combustion chamber deposits, which can cause spark plug fouling and pre-ignition. Typical installations of the Single Grade Oils are in gas transmission, total energy plants, electric power generators, chemical plants and various engine applications.
Shell MYSELLA LA Oils These oils are low ash natural gas engine oils made with select base stocks and carefully chosen additives to insure optimum performance. The 15W-40 oil is particularly applicable in 4-stroke cycle engines that may need to be shut down and re-started in cold climates. Single Grade Oils are recommended for both 2- and 4-stroke engines that do not call for ashless type oils.
Shell MYSELLA MA Oils These oils are medium ash gas engine oils. They are formulated to meet the requirements of exhaust gas catalytic converter manufacturers. The oils are recommended for two- and four-cycle engines that do not require ashless oils.
Marine & Railroad Engine Oils Description
Shell NAUTILUS 2-Cycle Marine Oil This oil meets the requirements of Chrysler, Evinrude, Force, Johnson, Mariner, Mercury, OMC, Sears, Suzuki and Yamaha engines. Other gasoline powered 2-cycle applications such as lawn mowers, chain saws, motorcycles, snow blowers and snowmobiles can benefit from the use of this oil, which is suitable for use in both mixed oil/fuel systems and direct injection engines.
Industrial Lubricants Description
Shell DIALA S2 ZX-A Oils These oils are electrical insulating oils designed for superior performance in transformers, switch gears and X-ray equipment. Shell DIALA Oils resist formation of acids and sludge that can shorten equipment life. They possess excellent electrical properties for the severe requirements of electrical equipment.
Shell MORLINA S3 BA Oils These oils exhibit excellent water separation characteristics and extremely low foaming tendencies. They are intended for use in enclosed bath, splash and circulating systems. They are recommended for the lubrication of plain and rolling bearings, slides, machine tools and in low to normally loaded enclosed gear reducers where non-EP AGMA oils are specified. All Shell MORLINA Oils are approved by the USDA for H-2 use in meat and poultry processing plants where there is no possible contact between the lubricant and the edible product.
Shell OMALA S2 G Gear Oils These oils protect and help extend the service life of a wide variety of enclosed industrial gearing, including spur, bevel, herringbone and some worm gears. Lighter grades of OMALA Oils are well suited for use in oil mist lubrication systems, due to their good mistability, excellent recovery, and thermal/oxidation stability. These are industrial oils and are not intended for automotive use. They are USDA H-2 approved for use in meat and poultry plants where there is no chance of contact with edible product.
Shell TELLUS S2 M Oils These oils are antiwear hydraulic oils designed to give long service in high output hydraulic systems that use vane, piston or gear pumps. Shell TELLUS Oils meet all requirements of major pump manufacturers that do not prohibit the use of zinc additives. All TELLUS Oils are approved by the USDA for H2 use in meat and poultry processing plants where there is no possible contact between lubricant and edible product.

Shell TELLUS S2 V Oils

Formerly Tellus T

 These oils are premium grade, very high viscosity index hydraulic oils designed for use in mobile and industrial equipment that is operated in a wide range of subarctic and temperate climates. Shell TELLUS T Oils are designed for use in mobile hydraulically operated equipment, marine hydraulic deck equipment, fire trucks and fireboats, airport emergency vehicles, and electrical service equipment, "Cherry Pickers". It is also approved by the USDA for H2 use in meat and poultry processing plants where there is no possible contact between lubricant and edible product.

Shell Air Tool S2 A Oils

(Formerly TORCULA)

 These oils are specialty lubricants formulated to meet the severe demands of pneumatic percussion tools, such as rock drills and jack hammers. Special additives give these oils the ability to provide effective air cylinder lubrication, even in damp or wet conditions. They are not intended for "in-plant" air-line lubrication.
Shell TURBO T Oils These oils are premium quality turbine, hydraulic and circulating oils designed to provide excellent lubrication of precision turbines in industrial and marine service. Shell TURBO T Oil 32 is widely used for lubrication of electrical power generation turbines. Shell TURBO T Oils are premium rust and oxidation inhibited oils for general plant bearing and gear lubrication. All three grades are approved by the USDA for H2 use in meat and poultry plants where there is no possible contact between lubricant and edible product.
Antifreeze Description
SHELLZONE All Season Antifreeze This Antifreeze is a multipurpose, low silicate antifreeze formulated for engine cooling systems, including heavy duty diesel and gasoline truck engines, and engines made of aluminum. It contains less than 0.1% silicate, and its balance of corrosion inhibitors makes it compatible with the use of supplemental cooling additives that are recommended by some engine manufacturers.
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