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Automotive Description
Hydroclear Super All Season and Super Motor Oil It lubricates domestic and imported passenger cars, sport-utility vehicles, light-duty trucks, minivans, and high-performance, late-model vehicles equipped with naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged   gasoline engines.
Scat 2 Cycle Engine Oil Designed for both air- and water-cooled engines, including outboard motors, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motor- cycles, chain saws, lawn mowers, air blowers, string trimmers, jet skis, and other equipment that requires metered oil injection or fuel and oil mixing.
Hydroclear ATF Type FAutomatic Transmission Fluid  A high-static friction fluid developed for Ford automatic transmissions manufactured during the 1960s and 1970s. Its low viscosity suits it not only for most Ford power- steering units, but also as a hydrostatic drive fluid for many farm tractors and combines.
Hydroclear Dexron lll &Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid A multipurpose fluid for the electronically controlled transmissions of most domestic and imported automobiles, trucks, and buses built after 1989.  It is approved by GM as a DEXRON lll fluid and by Ford as a MERCON fluid. It is recommended for Ford transmissions requiring Type Cj and Type H fluids.  It is approved by Allison as a C-4 fluid and also can be used in off-highway transmissions, power-steering systems, and other hydraulic systems.
Commercial/Heavy Duty Description
HD Fleet Engine Oil A high-quality, single grade oil recommended for on- and off-highway applications in both diesel and gasoline engines.   It controls soot and reduces wear, deposits, rust, and corrosion.  It resists foaming and high-temperature oxidation and thickening.  It is available in viscosity grades SAE 10W, 20W, 30, 40, and 50.
Hydroclear Power-D Engine Oil Protects diesel and gasoline engines against rust and corrosion, varnish, and deposits.  These performance- proven, heavy-duty engine oils are recommended for both on-road and off-road service, including construction, forestry, mining, marine, and stationary power generation. They are also recommended for propane and compressed natural gas engines.
Hydraulic Fluid, Type C-3 Transmission A heavy-duty, low-viscosity fluid for mobile hydraulic systems, torque converters, and automatic transmissions. Use it in Allison powershift transmissions and other transmissions that require an Allison C-3, C-2, or C-1 fluid.  Common applications include off-highway construction equipment, haul trucks, motor graders, scrapers, farm tractors, cranes, shovels;, and rollers.
Hydroclear Powertran Fluid A multipurpose fluid for farm equipment, off-highway machinery, and industrial tractors whose transmissions, final drives, wet brakes and clutches, and hydraulics are supplied from a common fluid reservoir.  It is approved as an Allison C-4 fluid by Allison Transmission Division of General Motors Corp. and is recommended for Caterpillar TO-2, Denison HF-2 and HF-1, Eaton, Sperry-Vickers, and Sundstrand Hydraulic fluid applications.
Natural Gas Engine Oils Description
Hydroclear El Mar Ashless Heavy Duty A high quality ashless natural gas engine oil specially formulated to meet the requirements of naturally aspirated and turbocharged, two- and four-cycle, low- to medium- speed gas engines.
Industrial Description
Hydroclear AW Hydraulic Fluid A premium antiwear hydraulic fluid recommended for use in a variety of high pressure mobile and stationary hydraulic systems utilizing vane, piston or gear pumps, and is specifically designed for use in high pressure systems which require greater wear protection and deposit control than that provided by standard antiwear hydraulic fluids.
Hydroclear Diamond Class Compressor Fluid A premium quality compressor fluid specially formulated for use in severe service rotary screw compressors and certain reciprocating compressors.  It is ideally suited for rotary screw compressors operating with high discharge temperatures on a continuous basis.  It is recommended for use in compressors handling air and other inert gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, helium and argon.
Hydroclear EP Gear Oil A premium extreme pressure gear lubricant formulated for use in severe service enclosed gear sets. It provides "clean gear" performance with exceptional oxidation inhibition, EP load carrying capacity, foam control, rust and corrosion protection and rapid low temperature demulsibility.  It is capable of extending intervals between oil changes by providing "clean gear" performance coupled with superior oxidation control.
Hydriclear Heat Transfer                    Oil  A high quality, thermally stable inhibited oil recommended for use in closed liquid-phase heat transfer systems equipped with expansion tanks and pressure relief valves where the maximum bulk oil temperature does not exceed 550 degrees F.  It is also recommended for use in open heat transfer systems equipped with cold oil sealed expansion tanks where the maximum oil temperature does not exceed 380 degrees F.  Typical applications include direct and indirect fired asphalt heaters, building heaters, plastic and wax coating equipment and other hot oil systems.
Grease Description
EP Conolith HT Grease A multipurpose grease for automotive and industrial applications.  It satisfies the severe service requirements of the high-speed wheel bearings commonly used in passenger cars, race cars, motorcycles, over-the-road and off-road trucks, buses, vans, and construction and farm equipment equipped with disc and drum brakes.  It resists melting at temperatures as high as 400 degrees F., preventing bearing failure.
Super Lube M EP Grease A multipurpose, extreme-pressure, lithium grease for industrial and automotive applications.  It satisfies the severe service requirements of off-road equipment manufactured by Caterpillar, Komatsu-Dresser, Case IH, John Deere and others.  These include bulldozers, scrapers,  off-highway trucks, wheel loaders, pipe layers,skidders, motor graders, and soil compactors in which the chassis components and wheel bearings are subjected to heavy loading.
Super-Sta Grease A premium quality, extreme-pressure (EP), multipurpose lithium grease recommended for lubrication of wheel bearings, chassis, ball joints, C. V. joints, U-joints, and brake self-adjusting screws found in passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, and industrial equipment.
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