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Cross Petroleum Service
P.O. Box 1388
56 Hwy 16
Glendive, Montana 59330
(fx) 406-377-6315
P.O. Box 1078
1818 Minnesota Ave
Billings, MT 59103
(fx) 406-252-2163
P.O. Box 727
901 3rd NE
Sidney, MT 59270
(fx) 406-433-5928
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 Cross Petroleum Service provides an outlet to unique products used primarily in the Transportation sector. Contact Us for particular products involving Railroad, Trucking, or Construction equipment. 
 We can supply you with bulk or package products. Depending on volume, we can supply a complete bulk lubricant for your service shop. Contact Us for volume and delivery information.  
 See our product line areas of our Website for more information on particular products. Contact Us when you have unique requirements for equipment. 
 We strive to provide distinctive product and service benefits above competitive levels.  
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